Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Website Builders

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Why you shouldn't use a free website builder

When looking at free website builders, it can be easy to become enticed by simple user interfaces, and cheap, nice-looking websites. Often times, these free or low-cost options seem to be just as good as a $2000 website, but there is a reason why custom websites cost so much. So what makes these website builders and templates a bad idea for growing businesses who can afford custom websites?


Too many options for design

With website builders and templates, the options for designs can often be overwhelming. If you don’t know exactly how to cater to your intended audience, then picking a good template is almost impossible. Web designers are trained to build a website that perfectly suits your company needs. There is no need to decide between hundreds of different styles and templates that might not suit your company image.



Let’s say you have a WordPress template and you have grown tired of the look of the website itself. In order to change the look of a website, there has to be a complete change in the template. Some may spend over $1000 to hire a WordPress developer to change their website. These costs build up and can often cost more than creating a custom website. This lack of scalability with template websites will often cost more money in the long-term, while also causing more work and website downtime. With custom websites, it is possible to get a designer to modernize the website on a monthly basis while saving time, money and not completely changing the design.


Lack of meaningful SEO

Let’s face it: search engine optimization is complicated. There are ways to improve SEO on a template website, but it extends far beyond what is on the webpage. With template pages and website builders, there won’t be a person who takes care of SEO for aspects beyond your web page. Custom website design companies will typically go further in making sure your website can reach the widest and best possible audience.



Unfortunately, if you think a web template looks good, there are most likely hundreds, if not thousands of people who have thought the same thing. If a customer sees two of the same templates being used on different websites, then reputation and credibility for the business will decrease. For small businesses and startups, reputation is something that needs to be built. Templates will not help with the reputation of your business, as it will show the customer that the company has neglected to make the user experience better for them.


Despite what is written in this blog post, there are positive aspects of template designs that businesses take advantage of. However, given the standards of today’s society, good web design is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a service that will most likely reach more customers, and develop a valuable user-base to build your business to the fullest extent.

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