SEO – A Beginners Guide

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When searching for ways to get more visitors to your website, the word SEO may come up quite a bit. Companies are willing to charge over $1000/month just to improve SEO. That may lead one to wonder why it’s so important, and what can it do for you. There’s also quite a bit of jargon surrounding the term SEO, so what does it all mean? Let’s start off with a few brief definitions.

Search Engines

Have you ever searched for something like, “cookie recipes” or “weather”? Chances are that you’ll be using something called a search engine. Otherwise known as Google, Bing, Yahoo, these help you answer questions you may have in your daily life. If there are questions you have throughout the day, search engines may be your saving grace. That means if you search for “best local cafe”,  you’re likely to go to the first result that pops up. This can prove to be a very effective marketing tool if used correctly.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most basic definition and the most important is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Great, what’s that? In Layman’s terms, the process of SEO helps people find your website on search engines when they are looking for things relevant to what’s on your site.


Search Result

A website that is shown when you search for something is called a search result. The closer your website is to the top search result, the more people will click on it. More specifically, if your website is the first search result, then it’ll get 2-3 times the amount of visitors in comparison to the second result. This trend continues downwards, and the lower your search rank is, the harder it will be for people to find your website.  At this point, we can see how this becomes important when trying to grow a business online.



Searching for “Web design agencies” will show search results that it feels are most relevant to your search. In this case, the keyword / phrase for this search is “Web design agencies”. Keywords like this help search engines understand what you want or need. Keywords are also used by web designers to help target certain phrases that are pertinent to their business. For example, if we design a website for a law firm, we’d include important keywords that their potential clients would search for. “Local law firms”, “best law firm” would both be useful target keywords.



SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is another term used quite a bit when talking about Search Engine Optimization. Unlike SEO, top results can be achieved by paying for certain keywords. We’ll talk more about that later, though.


If, for example, a person searches for “best web design agencies in Calgary”, the results might look something like this:

Search engine advertisements for search term


These are advertisements shown by means of Search Engine Marketing. People pay for these results to show up at the top, but they have a green box with “Ad” written beside the link. Below that, you’ll see the organic search results for our specific keyword.

Organic search results for "best web design agencies calgary"

Companies get their results on the top by means of Search Engine Optimization. In this image, Blue Ocean Interactive is on the top when we searched for “best web design agencies in Calgary”. The higher a specific website is ranked, the more website visitors it will get. The more people visit your website, the more you’ll be able to sell your product or service, and the more profitable your business will be. This is why SEO is so important in helping grow your business. There’s the potential to get hundreds of new customers through your doors, and it’s a long-term solution that will last much longer than your SEO campaign.

There is, however, one downside. Search Engine Optimization takes quite a while for results to be shown. Even then, a good SEO company won’t be able to promise top results for a particular keyword. If they could, they’d be superhuman. Or lying. Most likely lying. A good SEO company will only be able to do their best to get your website on the first page results. They’ll be able to show you exactly what they’re doing, but SEO really goes a long way for the long-term development of your company. If you happen to trust us, we offer fantastic SEO services that will help your business succeed.

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