How to keep your site from losing value over time

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So let’s say that you’ve just gotten a brand new website from your web designer company or freelancer. The process may have been quite long, but the website looks great and it’s already starting to bring in new customers. Everything seems to be going great, but if you don’t have a website maintenance plan in place, the website still needs work. Over the years, web technologies and design standards will change. So what can you do now that will prevent your website from becoming outdated and losing value? As it turns out, there are quite a few things that a non-technically minded person can do to maintain the value of a website.

Update content regularly

For starters, the content should get updates as much as possible. If you have new team members that you want to show on your website, do that. This will ensure that your site visitors get the most updated and correct information. This will also ensure that your customers will keep coming back to your website because they trust it as a reliable source. Another upside to updating your website content is the SEO benefits that come along with it. Search engines will regularly crawl the website. If it continuously changes, search engines will assume the content is up-to-date and relevant. This will slowly boost the search engine rankings that you receive for keywords you might be working on. For those who aren’t able to access your website and change the content, or those who don’t have a plan to continuously update your website, it is worth getting set up.

Keep and update a business blog

A blog is similar to updating content, but it provides much more value to your website. Not only does a blog help your business target specific keywords, it provides much more value to the website and its visitors. I’ve created a separate blog post about the benefits of a blog. Writing a few blog posts per month is not the only thing that you can do for your blog. Responding to user comments (if comments are enabled) would keep users coming back and it would show other prospective customers how you treat the current customers. The same goes for Tweets, customer reviews or any other online engagement with your company.

Ask your web designer to make a few changes over time

You typically won’t need to have a monthly retainer with your web design company in order to keep your updated and current. Every few months, you can just tell your designer to make the website look as good as possible in X hours. If you decide to do this, just ask them to be creative with their changes. They should know exactly what they need to do to make your website more modern. Even if they don’t completely redesign your website.

Although these tasks may seem time-consuming and expensive, that’s just the harsh reality of valuable websites. There are very few situations where a good, valuable website will not need attention and time put into it. For those trying to get top results for a competitive keyword in search engines, this will be an important process. Even for those who don’t care about SEO, this will add quite a bit of value for the visitors.

If you or your company ever need people to take care of all this, we can help! Just give us a shout and we’ll tell you more.

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