Google Analytics Basics: Part 1

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Google Analytics Part 1

Google Analytics is likely the most important tool when it comes to analyzing data from your website. However, for those with little to no technical experience with web development, getting started can be difficult. This post will just go over what you need to do to get Google Analytics working for your website. *This is only for users new to Google Analytics


Create an Account For Google Analytics

Go to and create an account. If you do not have a Google mail or Gmail account, you will have to create one.


Get A Tracking ID For Your Website

Once you have signed in, you should see this page:

Fill out the information for your business. When you’re done, scroll down the page and click the, “Get Tracking ID”  button.


Get Analytics Script Onto Your Website

Now we get to the hard part: getting the code onto your website. If you have a WordPress website, please follow this tutorial:

Installing Google Analytics on WordPress


If you have access to the code of your website, the process is really quite simple. On the bottom of every page, in the body, copy and paste the code that looks like this:

Google Analytics script example

You will have to do this for every page you would like to track, otherwise Google will not be able to track the users on your website. That’s it! You will be able to see users on your website once your updated website goes live. 

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