Do I need a business website?

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Does my business even need a website?


Right now, there are millions of businesses in this world. You’ll have to compete with some in one way or the other. Unless you have so many customers or clients that you don’t want new people to find you, then a business website it absolutely necessary. Although it may not seem like it, most people use the internet in some way or another. Whether it be to search directions to a coffee shop or to look at cute kittens on the internet, more and more people are using the internet every day. The search for information with just a tap makes it easier and easier for people to find information online. As for the question of whether you need a website for your business, the answer is yes. You need a website. Why?


Getting a competitive edge

Assuming you don’t have an e-commerce website or own a web design business, there’s a chance that your competitors also don’t have a website. According to a study from September 6, 2016, 75.2% of businesses don’t have a website. There were over 14 million businesses surveyed, and over 10.8 million businesses did not have a website. In order to get ahead of 75% of businesses, you could spend as little as $100 a year, and get your website online. The site may not be high quality, but it’s still there. Customers will be able to find you on the internet. Will they be able to find some of your competitors? Not unless someone tells them about it.



There’s a reason it can cost as much almost $200 every single time a single person clicks on a Google search ad. The power to be found on the internet is so incredible that people are willing to spend a couple hundred dollars just to get a single person to view their website. Now, how does this relate to you and your business? If someone is willing to spend that much to get a single person on their website, why shouldn’t you invest the same amount in a website for your business? You don’t even need to invest in a beautiful website, but it is important to invest in something. Getting your business out there will provide much more value than you might think.  


Business websites are open 24/7, but your business probably isn’t

What happens when customers want information about your business but don’t have a way to reach you? If you have a website for your business, this won’t be an issue at all. People will be able to search for your business and reliably find information online. Who wouldn’t want that? Hopefully not you.


Quick credibility

Nothing shows customers that your business is legitimate more than a website. Because your business is willing to invest in a website, customers will take you more seriously. Customers will appreciate the time and commitment it takes to create a website for them, and it just shows them you care. With a website, you’ll also be able to show customers that you own a legitimate business, and that is valuable. Your customers don’t want to see a cheap company only focused on the bottom line, and a website for your business will help with that.


Customer support

As many people might know, there are a few questions that can be repeated over. and over. and over. and over. Not only does this waste the customer’s time, but it is also a huge waste of your own time. A website can increase the efficiency of your services and get back to what matters the most. Your own business. What will you do with all that extra time? Hopefully on something productive.


You can define your own business

Without a website, your business is easily defined by word of mouth. Before customers buy a product or service from you, it’s very likely that they’ll do a little bit of research about your company. You can let the first impression be from your business website. If it has the right content, your business website can create a lasting impression that the customer will carry with them until they buy the product.

If you’re even the slightest bit convinced about getting a website for your business, you can talk to us at Absolutely Genius Designs. You can tell us about your business, and we’ll make a website for you. It’s as easy as that, and it’s a great investment. Not to mention, we’re pretty cool. It’s okay, we don’t bite.  

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