Custom Website Vs. Template

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Custom vs. template

Often times, it can be difficult to choose between a custom website design service or a pre-built template from a website builder, and both can be beneficial for your business. For those who are planning to build their own website, understanding the pros and cons of custom websites and templates can be crucial.

Website Builder: what do I get from it?

With a website builder, it is easy to see that you have lots of options for creating a website. The best advantage of getting a website builder is the low cost. However, there is a point with which it is more beneficial to hire a design firm to build a custom site.

A website builder has templates that you can choose from for your site. With the choices you have upfront, there should not be any issues with identifying whether or not the template suits your business. At some point, it is necessary to find a template that is somehow geared towards the theme of your business, and what you want your brand to represent. In some cases, templates can be adjusted so it will fit to your business needs, and although this can be done, there may be some issues that occur in the long run.

Custom web design: how does it benefit my business?

Getting a custom web design service gives your business the advantage of coming up with the expected result of the project. When asking for a customized website from a design firm, you are likely to receive the most creative and attractive design that suits your needs.

Custom web designing typically undergoes a strict process of planning and organizing. This is why most web owners prefer custom websites as opposed to a website builder. There is a planning stage which allows the web developers find a design that suits your specific needs with only the features you need as well. With a custom website that is planned well, it is much more likely to reach the target audience for your business, thus, gaining more clients and customers.

Another quality of a customized web design is its uniqueness. Often times, a template will have been used by thousands of different people, and your website will seem unoriginal if a user sees the same template more than once.


The last benefit of a custom website is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Sure, there may be an SEO button on a WordPress website, but it does not come close to that of a custom website. This added SEO is often times something that a WordPress template cannot advise your company on. 

Which should I choose?

The decision of what kind of website your business needs ultimately comes down to how much your business can pay for a custom website. A custom website helps with growing your business, and reaching out to customers and clients that would not have normally seen your business, but it is not mandatory. It is possible for a business to succeed without a custom design, but template websites are often seen as the initial stepping stone into the web for your business. A custom website will take your business that extra step further needed to gain an edge against competitors. 

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