Colors and Your Brand Image

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Color schemes and branding

When starting a business, it’s important to know what colors say about your business, and how to chose the perfect color scheme. It is important to note that this guide is not a definitive solution for your branding needs. For example, your company may want to chose more than one color to define your brand much like Google has done with its logo. Just remember to be careful when dealing with more than two or three distinct colors for your brand image. It can often get confusing.



Blue is often seen as a soft, trustworthy and dependable color. Take a look at Absolutely Genius Designs, Facebook, Samsung, Twitter, Bell, Ford. They all use blue in their color scheme to show these traits.



Companies often use green to showcase health, freshness and sophistication (for the darker greens). Starbucks, Android, Whole Foods, Holiday Inn and Animal Planet all use this Green Color Scheme.  



Yellow is a vibrant color. When a person draws the sun, they use the color yellow. This means that it is associated with light and warmth. By extension, it is also used to convey feelings of optimism, and energy. Nikon and Lufthansa both use the yellow color scheme.



Orange is a color that shows a fun side of a company. It is often associated with fruits, but is also often used with younger audiences (children). Lighter peach tones are often used to show sophistication with a company. Fanta and Blogger both use orange as their main company color.



Biologically speaking, red colors increase a persons heart rate, and cause more rapid breathing. Because of this, red is seen as passionate, aggressive and energetic. Companies that use red include Beats, Ray Ban, Time and Coca Cola



Pink is a more fun and playful color. Used by Pink, Barbie and Cosmopolitan, pink sends a clear message. It is important to consider what message your company is trying to send when deciding whether or not to use pink in the color scheme.



Purple is a blend of red and blue. As such, the color brings a sense of royalty, value and even mystery. Hallmark, Yahoo and Monster are among 3 brands that use it.



Black is often seen as a prestigious color. It adds sophistication to any color scheme, and shows value in a brand. With Adidas, Oakley and Calvin Klein all using black, it is easy to see that this is true.



White is also seen as prestigious, but is also used to show a clean, pure and noble brand. Just take a look at Apple and what their branding shows.

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