Why your business needs a blog

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It’s becoming much more common for businesses to have blogs that are updated regularly. However, blogs are not necessary for all industries and fields. Many people believe that business blogs are supposed to bring in another cash flow separate from the main business. However, this is not at all true. In fact, many companies lose money with blogs and blogging. So why do they do it?


Blogs Build The Brand

Blogging, when done right, can help build up your brand image and expertise in the field. If your business can show customers that you’re knowledgeable, then that gives customers confidence in the brand. Without a blog, how would clients know whether or not to trust a brand? Aside from a portfolio and reviews, blogging is the next most important way to build this trust.

A Blog Generates Leads

Let’s say that a potential client searches, “How can I bring more customers to my website”. If your blog post shows up on the search results with relevant information, then they are more likely to go to your brand when they want to bring customers to their website. In this situation, the blog generates leads, indirectly increasing revenue for your business.

A Company Blog Creates Community

Blogging opens collaborative communication with your clients. Speaking directly and engaging with clients is not something that typically happens with large companies, but blogging creates the atmosphere of a community. Just having a blog can do this, so it helps to take time interacting with the audience in the comments. Anything that builds trust and a sense of community with clients is always a valuable resource, even if it does not seem to pay off right away.

If done correctly, a blog will help define your brand and characterize it as more trustworthy. It will also give your brand the competitive edge it needs to gain more clients.

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